This music video was started with the idea of creating a positive, life-affirming journey into different dream worlds, combining illustration and real photography. Christian Warstat, Inga Sieberichs & Shawn Budorovits, all sharing the same studies in Communications Design at FH Aachen, startet working on this idea in the beginning of February 2011.

The video tells us a story about three different characters, who reached a point in their lives, at which they have to learn to accept and appreciate a formerly rejected or suppressed part of their personality in order to rise above themselves.
Each one is standing in his own way, such as being afraid of the future, having doubts or being unsatisfied with who they are.
Throughout the course of the story, the characters have to face these conflicts (visualized by monsters), and to deal with them so they can overcome their fears and face life once again.

With the song "Naked Girls" by the popular Swedish folk-pop band Monde Yeux, the perfect music was found for the video.

After spending months in Pre-production and creating the various costumes and props, Production started end of Mai. Due to bad weather conditions Principal Photography lasted until September.

Post-production was needed in a much bigger way than we ever intended, for bad weather and lighting required almost all of the shots to get digitally upgraded. Set extensions were done in nearly every shot. The most extensive work was done in replacing almost all of the overexposed skys with summertime looking ones. Thus Post-production ran until January 2012.

The music video was completed almost one year since the initial idea.